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Artist Zack Smithey will be creating 1,000 works of art that he will be hiding around the St. Louis area the week of March 19 – 26 as part of an art scavenger hunt. Zack will post photo clues on his Facebook timeline daily throughout the week.

Festivities will conclude on Saturday, March 26 in The Delmar Loop when approximately 300 pieces of Zack’s art will be given away by participating Loop businesses between 10 am – 2:30 pm. If you find or buy a piece of Smithey’s art, you can get it autographed on Saturday, March 26, at Blueberry Hill, 6504 Delmar Boulevard, starting at 3 p.m.. The artist suggests that would also be the best time and place for those who want to buy, sell or trade his work to get together.

A total of 1,000 9″x12″ paintings, each numbered on the back in order of creation, will be hidden.

Loop Businesses Participating Include
Delmar Loop Easter Art Hunt☮ Serendipity Gallery
☮ HSB Tobacconist
☮ Miss M’s Candy
☮ Mission Taco
☮ Craft Alliance
☮ Loop Living
☮ Big Shark
☮ Piccone Pastry
☮ Which Wich
☮ Rocket Fizz
☮ Three Kings
☮ Componere Gallery
☮ The Melting Pot
☮ Phoenix Rising
☮ Pi Pizzeria
☮ Pinup Bowl
☮ The Pageant
☮ Peacock Diner
☮ Blueberry Hill
☮ Create Space
☮ Snarf’s
☮ Baked T’s
☮ Plowsharing Crafts
☮ Cicero’s

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Delmar Loop Easter Art Hunt

Participating Businesses:

Mission Logo - Delmar Loop Three Kings Pub - Delmar Loop Peacock Diner - Delmar Loop
Miss M's Candy - Delmar Loop Plowlsharing Crafts - Delmar Loop Which Wich - Delmar Loop
Pi Pizzeria - Delmar Loop Rocket Fizz - Delmar Loop Piccione Pastry - Delmar Loop
Serendipity Gallery - Delmar Loop suite100 - Delmar Loop Ciceros - Delmar Loop
Loop Living - Delmar Loop The Melting Pot - Delmar Loop HSB Tobacconist - Delmar Loop
Easter Art Hunt - Delmar Loop Snarfs - Delmar Loop Craft Alliance - Delmar Loop
Create Space - Delmar Loop Componere - Delmar Loop Big Shark - Delmar Loop
Pin Up Bowl - Delmar Loop Which Wich - Delmar Loop TNT Glass - Delmar Loop

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