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Delmar Loop History

The Loop offers exhilarating one-of-a-kind shops, restaurants, art galleries, live music, café culture, and the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

The Delmar Loop got its name over a century ago from streetcars that came west and “looped around” before connecting to other areas. That movement and momentum continues today, as The Loop expands with exciting new growth and development that has made it a destination.




Delmar Loop Photograph Project

A Few Highlights of the Delmar Loop

The Pageant

Located in the Delmar Loop at the center of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area, The Pageant has earned a world-wide reputation as an exceptional concert venue over its 20+ year history.

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Moonrise Hotel

The Moonrise Hotel in St. Louis is a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel that merges modern design with a touch of eccentricity to offer a truly unique experience.

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Blueberry Hill

Music history happens here. The father of Rock & Roll himself, Chuck Berry, duck-walked across this stage over 200 times.

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St. Louis Walk of Fame

All along the sidewalks of Delmar, over 140 brass stars and biographical plaques honor famous, nationally recognized St. Louisans.

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Everyone is invited to watch the bottling of St. Louis’ nationally acclaimed signature soda, Fitz’s Root Beer, on vintage bottling equipment located right inside the restaurant.

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Tivoli Theatre

Restored to its 1924 splendor, this historic three-screen movie theatre highlights independent films, cult classics, and first-run sensations.

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560 Music Center

Traditional auditorium space provides 1,092 seats on a single gently sloped level. Suitable for a large orchestra concert or a smaller musical event.

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