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Joe Edwards is one of St. Louis’ most influential visionaries of the last 50 years. Joe’s creative vision, risk-taking, and leadership have helped transform The Delmar Loop into one of the most vibrant restaurant, shopping, arts & entertainment districts in the United States.

Nationally renowned restaurant and music club Blueberry Hill was the first of a new era of unique owner-operated businesses in the area. Joe’s subsequent attractions include the beautiful Tivoli Movie Theatre, the non-profit St. Louis Walk of Fame, The Pageant concert nightclub, the Pin-Up Bowl, the sensational Moonrise Hotel with the Eclipse Restaurant and Rooftop Terrace Bar, Peacock Diner and Delmar Hall Concert Club.

Joe Edwards has made it his mission to highlight all genres of music throughout the last 50 years with a key on diversity and inclusion. In this episode Joe touches on his relationship with Chuck Berry, his favorite spots to eat on The Loop, St. Louis Walk of Fame, and more.

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