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July 2020

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August is Black Business Month

BLACK BUSINESS MONTH: 31 DAYS TO CELEBRATE AND SUPPORT BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES August is the 15th Annual Black Business Month. Celebrate and support businesses in the Delmar Loop. There are close to 30 Black-owned businesses in the Delmar Loop. Businesses range from services to retail sales to restaurants and professional services.…
Delmar Loop
July 30, 2020
Delmar Loop NewsMedia

The Baked Bear (Re)Opens This Weekend!

The Baked Bear is reopening this Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from Noon to 8 PM at 6140 Delmar. They'll be serving the full Baked Bear experience with freshly baked cookies and brownies, craft ice cream, & toppings! Don't forget to hot press 😉🔥 The safety of their guests and team…
Delmar Loop
July 24, 2020

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