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The Baked Bear is reopening this Friday, Saturday, & Sunday from Noon to 8 PM at 6140 Delmar.

They’ll be serving the full Baked Bear experience with freshly baked cookies and brownies, craft ice cream, & toppings! Don’t forget to hot press 😉🔥

The safety of their guests and team members is top priority! They’ll be taking your order at the door, make your Custom Ice Cream Sandwich, & bring it out to you. Their team will be wearing gloves and masks at all times.

They’ve set up tables and chairs outside with proper social distancing for guests to enjoy their treats!

They are also continuin Their Pop Ups around the St. Louis area. Follow STL Baked Bear “Pop Up” Events on Facebook to see where they will be going next.

Look for more updates about Delmar Loop businesses on our Facebook Page.

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