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Recently made a extensive list about all the fun (and mostly free and cheap) you can do in Saint Louis, especially if you’re a visitor or someone who hasn’t experienced the city completely!

Who knows, maybe there are some spots you haven’t seen yet in The Loop! Here’s what they had to say;

“The Loop is easily the most vibrant and eclectic place in St. Louis I’ve ever been (A Bostonian friend who ate lunch with me here said it reminded him of Harvard Square). There are more than 145 restaurants, galleries and shops. The people watching is superb, as is the coffee (Meshuggah Cafe). You can take a culinary trip around the world without leaving a two-block area—Italian (Pi Pizzeria, President Obama’s favorite), street taco (Mission Taco Joint), Thai (Thai Gay Yang Cafe), Middle Eastern (Ranoush), etc. And a Walk of Fame will introduce you to accomplished St. Louisans.”

If you learn nothing else about St. Louis from visiting here, you will learn this: It is the most inside baseball city you’ll ever visit. But fear not. This is an inside baseball list.

Difficult though it may be to crack, once you’ve figured this city and its people out, you will find St. Louis has tons of great things to do, and St. Louisans will delight to share it with you.

To check out the full list, check it out here!



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