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The STL Bucket List Show
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The STL Bucket List Show

LUCAS FARRELL & MARISSA THOMAS EPISODE 7 | April 13, 2022 stlbucketlistshow.comJoe Edwards is one of St. Louis’ most influential visionaries of the last 50 years. Joe’s creative vision, risk-taking, and leadership have helped transform The Delmar Loop into one of the most vibrant restaurant, shopping, arts & entertainment districts…
Delmar Loop
April 13, 2022
Green Dining Alliance Ceremony
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Delmar Loop Designated as Green Dining District

Green Dining Districts are commercial areas where 25% of the locally owned restaurants are Green Dining Alliance certified, meaning they: Recycle Refuse to use Styrofoam To-Go Containers Phase in energy efficient lighting and equipment Conserve water through smart strategies Try to purchase goods locally when possible Since November 2015, the number of GDA…
Delmar Loop
March 30, 2017
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Loop Eclipse Festival

Today Joe Edwards, the unofficial mayor of The Loop, was at the Moonrise Hotel to announce the Loop Eclipse Festival, an event 575 years in the making. It will be on August 20, 2017, which is the day before the actual solar eclipse. It was fifty years before Columbus even came to…
Delmar Loop
February 22, 2017

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