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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (First Alert 4) - A pop of color is coming to the Delmar Loop with a first of its kind mural festival welcoming artists from all over the world to St. Louis.

Ron English, a renowned street artist, has had his team at work all week paying homage to St. Louis’ musical icons. A bright, neon-colored mural covers the outside wall of Vintage Vinyl just next to a standalone mural of Chuck Berry.

English said participating in the festival is an opportunity he would not miss.

“I’m interested in the Midwest because I’m from the Midwest,” he said. “I know it gets kind of ignored, so any chance to do something in the Midwest, I’m there.”

Event organizers like Montez Miles, an economic specialist with University City, said the aim of the festival is to blend the artistic spirit of the Delmar Loop while providing an economic push to its businesses.

“We’re touching on public art and cultural initiatives,” he said. “We’re aiming on bringing people to the area, increasing the tourism and fostering the community and bringing people of different ages together old and young.”

Vintage Vinyl is one business feeling the effects of the festival and the new art outside the store.

“One of the things our store always wanted to do was to champion and celebrate the musical legacy of the St. Louis,” owner Tom Ray said. “When [Ron] got in touch with me about doing the mural, I emphasized I wanted him to reflect that this is one of the greatest musical cities in the world.”

Regardless of the experience visitors may want to have, Miles hopes it sets up momentum for the Loop all summer long.

“I hope they take away a sense of community and I hope this can energize the area and the people,” he said. “Hopefully it will bring more people to the area to utilize the shops and businesses.”

The festival runs through 6 p.m. Sunday.


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