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Come for the vows, stay for the "I Got Married at Magic Mini Golf" T-shirt

By on Wed, Jan 31, 2024

If you are in a relationship with someone who’d be willing to get married at a miniature golf course at a ceremony that will cost zero dollars, you should probably just go ahead and make that happen.

Getting hitched is not going to get any easier than how Magic Mini Golf (6160 Delmar Boulevard, in the Delmar Loop is making it: The purveyor of putters is offering free weddings and vow renewals on Valentine’s Day. Everyone on staff is ordained, and the newly nuptialed (nuptuated?) couples will all receive champagne, dessert and a “I Got Married at Magic Mini Golf” T-shirt.

There is a reason that the logistics behind weddings — both a $70 billion a year industry as well as a film sub-genre — almost always involve some sort of comedy of errors. Even the couples who set out with the most frugal of intentions have a way of finding themselves agog that there is an extra charge to cut the cake. Attach the word “wedding” to anything — flowers, venues, chairs, clothing — and the associated cost has a way of taking flight.


Magic Mini Golf

Magic Mini Golf

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