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The menu includes classic Mexican favorites, as well as more unexpected options such as a Hot Cheetos Burrito, Ramen Birria, and a Chicken Coney Taco.

The eastern edge of the Delmar Loop has a new dining option. Located across the street from The Pageant and Delmar Hall, Amigo Sole (6102 Delmar) is cooking up casual Mexican fusion cuisine. Here’s what to know before you go.

The menu was designed and is prepared by owner Sinadel Whitehorn, who originally came from Oaxaca Mexico before moving to St. Louis. The fundamental element of her menu is Mexican Street Food, but with non traditional elements. There are classic favorites, such as birria tacos and elote preparado (Mexican street corn), as well as more unexpected options such as the Cheeto Burrito, Ramen Birria, a bacon-wrapped burrito, and a barbecue chipotle burger topped with carne asada and avocado.

Among the most notable items: Amigo Sole’s take on a chicken cone. Referred to as a Chicken Coney Taco, the item forgoes the traditional waffle cone and instead opts for a fried tortilla cone, filled with chicken tinga, lettuce, queso, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and cilantro.

Food is ordered at the counter, with a nearby drink cooler full of sodas. A full bar isn’t yet available, but it is in the works.

Hot Cheetos Burrito, the best selling item at Amigo Sole, includes a choice of protein, plus cheese, rice, chipotle mayo, pico de gallo, sour cream, and super crunchy Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

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