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Congratulations to K-Bop, 6120 Delmar, for being included in St. Louis Magazine’s Best New Restaurant List!

Here’s the dish on their favorite dish and drink!  


DISH: If you’re relatively new to Korean food, the Beef Bulgogi Bop is a great way to get familiar with some of its foundational flavors. Then take it up a notch with the Spicy Chicken Bop. DRINK: Try the sweet cinnamon punch (sujeonggwa in Korean). K-Bop stocks a canned version of the traditional spiced drink, which is often served as a dessert and consumed at holiday celebrations. TIP: K-Bop’s Delmar location offers a larger menu than its food truck, with a few noodle dishes and other treats such as tteok-bokki, a classic street-food snack of cylindrical rice cakes slathered in a spicy sauce grounded in gochujang and gochugaru. 6120 Delmar.

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