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Delmar Loop hot dog shop T-N-T Wieners (6301 Delmar Blvd.) has been sold and will reopen with co-owners Jamal Lewis (previously of Fried) and Amber Rodgers running the show. Lewis said his new menu will officially drop on July 1, and will have some interesting updates. “We’ll have five or six new hot dogs. We’re adding the delta-8 THC, and that is derived from the hemp plant, which makes it legal,” he said. Lewis went on to explain that he aims to offer hot dogs injected with delta-8 THC, as well as delta-8 sauces, drinks and more.

Lewis said he’s been working with Dr. Zinia Thomas, a local holistic doctor who he said has “probably signed up more patients for medical marijuana cards than anybody in Missouri.” A few St. Louis restaurants currently offer CBD menu items, but T-N-T Wieners may be the first with freshly prepared food featuring delta-8. “They have this nano-emulsifier machine that breaks the THC down to where it’s water-soluble. You can infuse it into anything,” Lewis explained. “It’s psychoactive, so you will get a buzz from eating the food. We’ve been putting it in drinks and sauces.”

T-N-T Wieners

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