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Erik Siemers |

ST. LOUIS — It’s an unmistakable truth that the COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the health of the nation’s restaurant industry.

And while not every restaurant is on the verge of collapse, the economic effects of the pandemic has affected each of them in some way. Noting that, Esquire magazine made a list of 100 restaurants so critical to our identity as a food nation that America “can’t afford to lose” them.

Writer Madison Vain, a St. Louis native, raved about the Delmar Loop establishment’s burgers and live music, saying that going there made her “feel like a rebel when I was young.” “Also, Chuck Berry played a monthly show here for 200 months in a row, so if you won’t take my word for it, perhaps his will do.”

Small Business Saturday in the Delmar Loop

Chuck Berry playing at Blueberry Hill

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