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Green Dining Districts are commercial areas where 25% of the locally owned restaurants are Green Dining Alliance certified, meaning they:

  • Recycle
  • Refuse to use Styrofoam To-Go Containers
  • Phase in energy efficient lighting and equipment
  • Conserve water through smart strategies
  • Try to purchase goods locally when possible

Since November 2015, the number of GDA members in the Loop has soared from zero to 12 members, with more signing up each month. The first to join was Meshuggah Café, whose enthusiasm and support for the program gained attention from other future members.

Green Dining Alliance certified businesses include: Salt + Smoke, Blueberry Hill, Fitz’s, Three Kings Public House, Mission Taco Joint, The Melting Pot, Peacock Loop Diner, Eclipse Restaurant, Meshuggah Cafe, Pin-Up Bowl, Snarf’s and Piccione Pastry.

Committing to a greener dining scene is not the only environmental effort The Loop has made in summer of 2016. The Loop is also in the process of installing LED lighting in the decorative street lights which will result in less energy consumption and reduced operating costs.

In addition, 45 new recycling containers have been positioned along Delmar to help make recycling as easy as possible.

Cigarette butt recycling containers are being installed throughout The Loop. The cigarette butts receptacles will then be emptied on a weekly basis and sent to TerraCycle recycling center. The cigarette butts are then melted into plastic which can then molded into a variety of concrete products.

Sustainability is almost always an effort in collaboration. Without the help and effort of the business owners, employees, community leaders, and local civic leaders, The Loop might never have become a Green Dining District. Come see the changes for yourself!

More info about the Delmar Loop’s commitment to sustainability.


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GDA Certified members in The Loop:

Three Kings Pub - Delmar Loop

Salt + Smoke

Piccione Pastry - Delmar Loop
Mission Logo - Delmar Loop
The Melting Pot - Delmar Loop
The Loop Peacock Diner
Snarfs - Delmar Loop


Pin Up Bowl - Delmar Loop


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