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The Loop 420 Street Fest
APRIL 20, 2024 | 11AM-7PM

The Second Annual Loop 420 Street Fest Saturday April 20, 2024 11am – 7pm Celebrate the counterculture of the 420 Holiday with music, art, entertainment, industry education, vending and more.


21+ | Consumption and/or sales of cannabis is prohibited


The Loop 420 Street Fest Saturday April 20, 2024   11am – 7pm

It was so much fun we had to do it again!  The Loop 420 Street Fest is hitting the Historic streets of the Delmar Loop for it’s second year on the actual Holiday, 4/20!

With nearly 30 years in the industry each, for almost 20 of those years, Sunshine Daydream & Emporium Smoke Shop have innovated and developed an adult centered celebration of the counterculture Holiday, 420. In 2023, with the legalization of recreational cannabis, in collaboration with the Loop Special Business District, we took the celebration to the next level by hosting a large one day Festival to celebrate the 420 Holiday. Offering the public a larger opportunity to experience the cultural offerings of the industry, as it has become more widely accepted.

Enjoy a fun filled festival day Celebrating the counterculture that has surrounded the 420 holiday for decades.

  • You won’t want to miss the FREE Live Music on the Main Stage in the Tivoli Parking Lot with headliners Jake’s Leg from 12pm-3pm and Aaron Kamm & The One Drops from 4pm-7pm.  Two St. Louis favorites that never disappoint and are sure to get you shakin’ your bones.


  • Need more tunes? The music doesn’t stop there!  Go Truckin’ up the street to the Vintage Vinyl Stage at Delmar Blvd & Leland Ave, where you will catch fine acts jamming all day, while fans are taking part in National Record Store Day at St. Louis’ most famous and favorite music store, Vintage Vinyl.


  • We’re bringin’ the HEAT!  The On the Torch Tour continues with Sunshine Daydream & The Emporium’s mobile glassblowing trailer studio.  Witness the awesome craft of glassblowing from local and nationally acclaimed artists, Niko Cray, Laceface, JFELL, Gladstone Glass, Hilljack Glass, Nik Den & MTN Life. See how they melt borosilicate glass using torches to create one of a kind pieces of art and functional glassware.  Artists will be on the torch on Delmar Blvd in the Industry Zone outside of the Main Stage Lot from 11am – 7pm.  Their work will also be available for purchase at Sunshine Daydream & The Emporium Smoke Shop.


  • Industry Zone.  A section of the festival specifically dedicated to the Cannabis and 420 cultural industry.  In this zone you will find National and Local Brands and Vendors representing their areas of expertise in these industries.  Booths in this section range from functional industry related accessories, clothing, home goods, industry education, demonstrations and dispensaries representing their brands to name a few. **The Sale, Trade for Redemption or Providing/Handing out Samples of Cannabis Products that are regulated by Missouri State Law as a product that can only be sold at a State Licensed Dispensary Facility is strictly prohibited at The Loop 420 Street Fest.**


  • All EYEZ on….EYEZ?  YEP!  St. Louis Favorite and renowned artist, Peat “Eyez” Wollaeger will be on the street painting a masterpiece right in front of your…well, EYEZ. Be sure to check out his gallery while enjoying the festivities.


  • Shop, Eat, Drink & Be Merry…The Delmar Loop is home to some of the most nostalgic, diverse and unique individually owned small businesses and restaurants in the St. Louis area.  Enjoy 420 Specials & Deals while supporting small business owners at the numerous Brick & Mortar shops and restaurants that make this famous street what it is.


  • Throughout the day you will encounter various street performers and entertainment.  Past events have featured Infusion Demonstrations and Fire Dancers.  We are looking to bring back these lines of entertainment and add more as we go.  Keep checking back to see what is added!


  • Street Vendors will be lining the streets of Delmar from all around the area as well..
Aaron Kamm and the One Drops

University City! We’ll see you at the Loop 420 FEST on April 22, 2023!

reggae. dub. blues. rock. groove. jam. soul. roots.

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Aaron Kamm and the One Drops merge flavors of Roots Reggae, Mississippi River Blues, Improv-laced Jams, and Soulful Vocals. With their high-energy performance and unique sound, Aaron Kamm and the One Drops are a must see.


Deadheads in St. Louis know Jake’s Leg. The band has been providing music for the scene for 47 years, playing thousands of shows to generations of like-minded fans who just wanna keep on dancin’. Maybe you’ve heard them in some dumpy little bar like the old Twenty North or at Busch Stadium: they’ve played ’em all and continue to do so on a regular basis. And the band keeps growing.

Started as a duo by guitarists and vocalists Randy Furrer and Tim Fahy in the mid-1970s, lead guitarist Dave Casper soon joined the fold. Players were added and the music grew, friends came and went. Some of them had 10-year-or-longer stints with Jake’s Leg, which is a long career for most non-touring rock bands. Bassist Joe Trunko came on board in 1990, followed in 1991 by keyboardist Bill Noltkamper, completing the core four that have been playing and singing together for the past 30 years. Ryan Wilhite, after a short stint as percussionist, took over the drum kit in 2005. The sum of this is one of the longest-lasting bands in the country that plays a whole lot of your favorite songs and you’ll find them playing in and around St. Louis.

It’s not The Grateful Dead and it’s not supposed to be. While they draw mainly on the repertoire of America’s favorite psychedelic blues-rock jug band, Jake’s Leg naturally bring their own sensibilities to each part. The introspective singer-songwriter, the jazz stylings of an improvising soloist, rock-solid dance grooves, mind-bending jams: all are in play at their shows. The music can take you anywhere you want to go. And with their long-term unity and very capable musicianship, Jake’s Leg makes it a great-sounding trip.

Niko Cray

Born in St. Louis in 1991. First time dipping up glass was age 6. My father Tony Cray is a soft glass maker. I’ve been making glass since 2010.

I’m influenced heavily by street art in pop culture. I make glass that I hope people can get a happy feeling from.

Niko Cray Loves You


Lacey (LaceFace) Walton was born in Grants Pass, Oregon in the early 80’s. She was exposed to the blossoming art form of glass blowing and pipe making from an early age. Determined from the beginning to create beauty, Lacey fell in love with the color, fluidity, and form of glass the moment she began working on the torch in 2004. Lacey spent the next several years concentrating on her growing skills as a glass artist while simultaneously putting herself through school. After graduating with an associate degree in the Arts, she became heavily involved in the expanding glass pipe art movement. In 2010, Lacey began attending several trade shows and flame off competitions around the country, her dedication has been rewarded by her receiving several of the glass pipe industry’s highest honors and awards of achievements.. Now Lacey creates with many of the industry’s most renowned artists, motivated as a community leader to push the limitations of glass art. Her modern masterpieces of glass art exemplify her power and spirit and also speak volumes for her determination to succeed in the glass art world.


Born in St. Louis in 1991. First time dipping up glass was age 6. My father Tony Cray is a soft glass maker. I’ve been making glass since 2010.

I’m influenced heavily by street art in pop culture. I make glass that I hope people can get a happy feeling from.

Niko Cray Loves You

Celebrate National Record Store Day with LIVE music right beside Vintage Vinyl

11a.m. TBA • 12p.m. TBA. • 1p.m. Cedric Benson. • 2p.m. Jeffy & the Sunken Heads • 3p.m. Soup Activists • 4p.m. TBA • 5p.m. Turntable Orchestra

Industry Zone Vendors

We value in working with our sponsors to create engaging brand moments before, during and after the Loop 420 Street Fest.

Have a creative way you’d like to join us? We are open to innovation and collaboration. Contact us and lets see what we can make work!

• FREE to the public – Inaugural Loop 420 Fest in 2023 drew an estimated 10,000 attendees •

• Access loyal & new audiences in this fast growing & becoming more widely accepted industry •

• Expansive age, cultural & economic demographics. Target audience 21+ •

• Centrally located with a combined population of over 3 million in Metro St. Louis & surrounding counties•

• Prime on-site presence •

• Live Music, National Record Store Day, Vending, Food Options, Industry Demos, Shopping, Beverages, Street Performers •

• Portion of sponsorship goes to The Street People Ministry •

Just like strains, we have sponsorship opportunities that fit your vibe.


      You Give, We Give.
      5% of your sponsorship will be donated to a selfless local charity called The Street People.

      Blue Dream Sponsor
      Sour Diesel Sponsor

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