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June 2020

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Celebrating Juneteenth

The Delmar Loop is home to a critical mass of Black-owned businesses. We have recognized our business owners not only for what they do every day but during Black History Month and by celebrating Juneteenth. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 Crisis has prevented us from having our annual Juneteenth event this year…
Delmar Loop
June 18, 2020
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American Falafel: University City’s Newest Restaurant

American Falafel opened last weekend at 6134 Delmar on the Delmar Loop. Owner Moh Qadadeh, whose family roots are in Jordan, serves up fresh Mediterranean fare created from family recipes and prepared by a chef who previously worked at a high-end hotel in Amman, Jordan’s capital. Besides the namesake dish (served as a sandwich or appetizer-size bites),…
Delmar Loop
June 5, 2020

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